For Lina

Lina Palestina boa de garfo
For the last days, I have the utmost pleasure of having Lina Rothman as my roommate… she is an American girl, 28, beautiful, so beautiful. She is in a real soul trip (I found it out) here in Brazil, trying to learn Portuguese. And for the last days, although I tried hard to speak to her in Portuguese, so she could learn, this house (aka Ladybug Hostel) has been an English spoken place.

I do love to have Lina as my companion at this time. First of all, look: I’m writing in English… WOW. Besides, she made clear to me that the questions we women have don’t have borders or frontiers. We all share the same questions marks, family issues, career doubts and so on…

Lina came into my life in a moment of pure loneliness and a kind of “soul trip”. In fact, she completely captivated me with her kindness, “do you want some hot tea with honey?”, her silence and serenity. Serenity, must be noticed, that comes of her shyness, one of the most alluring things about her.

She spent two weeks with me. I notice lots of changes on myself:

I’m speaking soft and low – most of the time

I’m washing dishes with a pleasure I didn’t have before (mostly because it remembers me of her)

I’m trying to write in English, so she can understand my writing. Although I imagine my English writing is kind of primary…

And, beyond this things, I’ve come to find a soul mate, just like my friend who sent her to me, Pati, to whom I never have to explain so much and is the most lovely person in this world.

I’m finishing this post on the end of my birthday… I’m doing this so Lina knows I’m happy and filled with love – from friends from all over the place. The day ended, Lina my xuxu, with a delicious Friday delivery dinner, part of it made by myself. I really can’t (yet) write the menu in English, sorry. But it was really delicious. And for my birthday cake, mom made pavê. YEAH!

Miss you, xuxu!

(written on april 18th, after my birthday – and for some reason not published till now)